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Putting an Exotic Twist on Good (Better) Hair Days


Meet Your Stylist, Ali Babai

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  • About Ali Babai
  • Artimes (Ar-ti-mez)
    Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. She was the patron and protector of young girls, and was believed to bring disease upon women and relieve them of it. Artemis was worshipped as one of the primary goddesses of childbirth and midwifery along with Eileithyia.
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From conception, Artimes Hair Studio owner and longtime master hairstyle icon, Ali Babai (a former international model), has stayed true to his keen vision in providing a complete hair beauty experience through specialty services and signature products to his discerning clientele.

ALI BABAI started his career in fashion and beauty in Dubai as a male model. As a result of his modeling experience, Ali worked with some of the top hair stylists in Europe and Asia. While he became conscious of health, including what he ate or put on his skin, Ali’s true fascination became doing hair. He completed cosmetology school at Schwarzkopf in 1993 and began working both in private salons and also teaching at Schwarzkopf.

For the next three years, Ali split his time working in a high-end salon in Dubai while also running his own salon Tehran. He was then recruited to work in prestigious salons in Van and Istanbul, Turkey. He continued to excel in his exotic hair works for the next five years, providing fab hair services for the most elite salons in the area. This included his doing hair shows, offering cutting and coloring classes. Ali continued teaching until 2005 when he came to the U.S. He became licensed in California in 2007 and has proliferated his hair mastery as an indemand stylist for some of San Diego’s finest high-end salons. He ultimately opened his own, ARTIMES HAIR STUDIO.

As Ali assures, he will have you at “hello gorgeous!” His salon services cover every style that feeds a client’s fabulous hair must-haves. Founded on a natural beauty-based principle, ARTIMES HAIR STUDIO provides a wide range of specialty styling — as further supported through Ali’s signature branded products for an ongoing, ultra salon experience sure to surpass any client’s highest expectations.

The ARTIMES HAIR STUDIO glam experience starts with a brief consultation. Imagine, your haute hairstyle is only a booking away! Clients will have an opportunity to put their hair regimen on ‘auto-glam’ with Ali, an innovative master hairstylist ahead of his craft.


What's Your Style?

Your style is how the world sees you.
Allow ARTIMES HAIR STUDIO to help flaunt it for you. Book your appointment today for the salon’s exclusive services, its signature products, and your ultimate must-have FAB-GLAM experience ever! With an artistic emphasis on hair care, owner and master hair designer, ALI BABAI, is skilled in all aspects of styling — from cuts, color, and blow-drying, to special wash treatments for the most discerning hair care client. Ali’s expert services are universal, covering women to all men’s styling and traditional barbering needs for that ‘classic homme’ special treatment. Ali’s superior standard of professional hair works enable the most accommodating and fluid exchange with his esteemed clients. His master training and wealth of experience is to your benefit as he creates the perfect style to match your personal vibe. With sensitivity and understanding, honoring his relationships with you, He will listen carefully to all your hair needs, assessing your unique features for providing a hairstyle that is suited to your unique face shape, hair type and style preference — complementing your hair texture, eye color, skin tone, and core lifestyle. What style makes you, you.

Your Style Is Yours!

Make your next haute look your finest — starting with a dream hairstyle.




After all, why shouldn’t your style be as unique as you? Yours to wear proudly. The ARTIMES HAIR STUDIO experience is all about enhancing the client’s own style for their ultimate hair look. A premium destination for enjoying personalized glam treatments, ARTIMES facilitates the highest quality in all of its services, techniques, and products — further specializing in complete makeovers to accentuate your true beauty potential. So better than crying over your next hairstyle gone bad (which doesn’t represent your desired style), why not save some tears and make your ‘spot on’ booking with ARTIMES’ very own master hair craftsman: ALI BABAI at your service. You’ll be glad you did. You are only a perfect hairstyle away from defining your true you — and Ali will get you there. As you are about to discover, his salon lives up to its moniker, “Putting an Exotic Twist on Good (Better) Hair Days”. And as we all know, bad hair can totally put a cramp in your style if not your day. So whether you want a totally on-trend new cut, or you want a customized color and highlights, the ARTIMES services are sure to keep your hairstyle dreams well fed.


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Artimes Hair Studio

720 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd., Studio 15, San Marcos, CA 92078
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Before and After!


First, relax with shampoo.

Looking to bring out your hair’s healthy luster and beyond?
Then consider one of the specialty hair wash treatments at ARTIMES HAIR STUDIO. With an accent on high-end services, including the finest luxury haircare products available — every booking at ARTIMES is an opportunity to experience your hautest hair! You won’t want to miss the salon’s deep cleansing treatment for your most luxurious hair. As salon owner ALI BABAI will tell you, the health of your hair is right up there with styling as a vital part of reflecting your true beauty. Interested in a tailored solution that restores the wellbeing and vitality of your hair? Then book your appointment with Ali today to give your hair all the TLC it deserves. It starts here for the best hair repair treatment designed specifically to nourish and condition your hair — while maximizing its color, shine and volume. Ali’s exclusive hair treatments and products are developed to deeply enrich the quality of your hair — leaving it with a fresh revived luster. Don’t miss the salon’s broad range of intensive and luxurious treatments for your best shiny and strong hair. With environmental build-up and other impurities, deep cleansing will help to invigorate your hair style for a healthy balanced look.

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Get your color just right.

Are you considering a significant color change to amp up your hairstyle?
Imagine, your best coif could be just a tailored-for-you color away. As part of the ARTIMES HAIR STUDIO experience, your are ensured a color is exactly the best to suit your personal style while also maintaining the optimum condition of your hair. Owner and master hair designer, ALI BABAI, specializes in creative color and cuts — having worked with a broad range of hair textures and styles. If getting highlights are part of your hair color regimen, then you will appreciate how highlights will bring more depth, dimension and lightness to your hair. For example, a balayage is a technique used to give your hair a ‘sun-kissed’ look — an approach that frames the face through a free-hand method for creating a natural warm look to your hair. Ali expertly facilitates a full-color change, whether lightening your hair to blonde, or creating a deep, rich color. Whatever is your desired color style, Ali will make it happen for you while also considering the important factors before you undergo a color overhaul. Such as hair type, its condition and any styling requirements to ensure your desired look is achievable. So if you are looking to get a new hair color this season to stay on ‘style trend’ and to brighten up your look, then you won’t want to miss Ali’s recommended color choice and process suited just for you and your most amazing hair color.

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Let's decide on how much to take off.

Where ‘haute hair’ GLAM gets its Bang ON, it’s Ali-sensational!
Next to color, cuts are at the heart of the ARTIMES HAIR STUDIO experience — chiefly through the salon’s owner and master hair designer, ALI BABAI, where his unique hair cutting technique is the foundation of every great style he does for his esteemed clientele. He focuses on precision, creativity and versatility for creating effortlessly classic and timeless, modern looks — including his own signature style must-haves. Whether your desired hair look is short, or curly to straight, Ali will help achieve your ‘happy hair’ direction. If a modern cut is the choice, he will customize it to perfectly suit your face shape, hair type and overall style preference. Ali proudly offers the highest client care, expertise and service to a community that demands nothing but the best. From his cuts and color treatments, to blow-outs for completing a client’s perfect look — he covers a variety of style choices: Straight Strands, Beach-Inspired Waves or Glamorous Curls, to Hollywood Glam, Perfectly Elegant and Classic. It all starts with the perfect-for-you cut. The salon blow-outs include shampoo and deep conditioning, followed by styling that is all the hair chic. Book your Artimes appointment for everything from on-trend cuts to specialty hair treatments.

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All set, ready to take on the World.

Need to get your hair ready for that next special occasion?
Even if it’s just to feed your inner-cravings for a hair glam makeover. We got you covered! The ARTIMES HAIR STUDIO experience, also recognized as a hair spa with all the glam fixings, will instantly make you like you just stepped into a hair oasis. The salon’s high-end services will have you banging that desired style for your new summer-ready look. You will feel the glam transformation here. Why make your next fab hairstyle wait? If you are ready to experience five-star hair treatments from Southern California’s hautest stylist, ALI BABAI, then prepare to experience a tresses decadence of the finest standard — sure to have heads spinning. You will enjoy Ali’s ‘sexy hair’ wearable looks into the course of your day, where every entrance makes a statement about your fine stylin’ self. Book your new FAB hair appointment today!

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Men are welcome.

Artimes Hair Studio 15 welcomes men too!

Grooming for greatness. ARTIMES HAIR STUDIO also provides services for men.
If you are looking for a cut above, to fine traditional barbering, your search is over. When shall we expect you? Offering the finest in men’s hairstyling, the salon redefines the art of men’s fine grooming to the highest standard, with the expert fine craft of classic barbering for men — because nothing comes closer to a man’s pride than his face. Allow master hair and groom craftsman, ALI BABAI, to make you look and feel your manliest best. If you are a man driven to be the best, the Gold Standard in everything you do in life; a man who appreciates the fine craft of shaving like a pro, being part of ‘that club,’ then you must also appreciate the value of having the best in a classic wet shave — creating that ‘after-effect’ glow. As you are about to discover, luxury fine grooming with Ali should set your course on GO TIME. Your well-groomed style makes a statement about you, your unique self. When you book your appointment with Ali, you can expect much more than conventional barbering.

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